1. Single Linked List
  2. Stacks of integers using arrays 
  3. Stacks of java.lang.Object using arrays  
  4. Queues of java.lang.Object using arrays
  5. Binary Search
  6. Bubble Sort
  7. Selection Sort
  8. Insertion Sort  
  9. Merge Sort  
  10. Quick Sort
  11. Heap Sort
  12. Counting Sort  
  13. Radix Sort
  14. Calculating Fibonacci number using Golden Ratio 
  15. Find SubArray having Maximum Sum using Divide and Conquer Approach
  16. Square Matrix Multiplication using Divide and Conquer  

Coding/programming Questions asked in Interviews
  1. String Formatting Questions - Smartprix Coding Text
  2. Water Jug Problem - Oracle Interview
  3. Best Fit Algorithm - AppPerfect Coding Round


  1. Seive of Eratosthenes
  2. Next Greater Number using Stacks
  3. Best Fit Algorithm : AppPerfect
  4. Expression Evaluation using Stacks (PostFix Technique) in C (Makefile)
  1. Subset sum Problem
  2. Number of Monotonic Lattice paths 
  3. Largest Sum contiguous Subarray
  4. Longest Common Subsequence

  1. Generic Representation of Graphs - Using Generic Linked List
  2. Adjacency Matrix Representation of Graph - Using Two-D-Bit array
  3. Adjacency List Representation of Graph - Using Generic Linked List
  4. Finding the number of components in a graph - Using Adjacency Matrix Representation - Algorithm used includes Merging of Nodes 


    Implementation in C 
    1. Implementing FCFS - Drawing Gantt Chart and calculating Average Waiting Time and Average Turn Around Time
    2. Implementing Non Preemptive SJF - Drawing Gantt Chart and calculating Average Waiting Time and Average Turn Around Time
    3. Implementing Preemptive SJF - Drawing Gantt Chart and calculating Average Waiting Time and Average Turn Around Time
    4. Implementing Non Preemptive Priority Scheduling - Drawing Gantt Chart and calculating Average Waiting Time and Average Turn Around Time
    5. Implementing Preemptive Priority Scheduling - Drawing Gantt Chart and calculating Average Waiting Time and Average Turn Around Time
    6. Implementing Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm- Drawing Gantt Chart and calculating Average Waiting Time and Average Turn Around Time
    7. Best Fit Algorithm : AppPerfect
    Implementation in Java
    1. Ganttchart for FCFS and SJF.
    2. Banker's Algorithm for Deadlock Avoidance 
    3. Gantt Chart for Preemptive and Non-Preemptive Priority Scheduling
    4. Gantt Chart for Round Robin Scheduling  
    5. Implementing Producer Consumer problem using Busy Waiting



      1. Find all the even numbers within a range using continue statement in Java
      2. Implementing arrays
      3. Calculator using switch case control structure
      4. Finding greater of two integers inputted by the user.
      5. Check whether a given number is palindrome or not.
      6. Check whether a given string is palindrome or not.
      7. Using enhanced for loops.
      8. Some common string functions
      9. Arrays 
      10. Method overloading
      11. java.lang.Math Functions - A short description to most of the mathematical functions
      12. Pass any number of arguments to a function without using Function Overloading (variable length arguments).
      13. Constructor Overloading and use of super keyword.
      14. Command line arguments
      15. Inheritance
      16. Packages and using keywords private, protected and public.
      17. Access Control Mechanism through Access Specifiers.
      18. Servlets, basic programs to implement servlets.
      19. Build a Dynamic Table using jsp.
      20. Float class in Java - Wrapper Class
      21. Character class in Java - Wrapper Class
      22. Create an executable jar file  
      23. File Class in Java
      24. Creating a new file using java.io.File
      25. Illustration of listFiles() and list() method of File Class in java  
      26. Creating a new Directory using File.mkdir() method in java
      27. Illustration of File.renameTo() and File.delete() method
      28. Example of File.mkdirs() method  
      29. File Splitter in Java
      30. File Merger in Java
      31. java.util.Arrays 
      32. Manipulating Database with JDBC - Type-4 - basic Data Retrival  
      33. java.util.ArrayList implementation - creating ArrayList of Strings
      34. java.util.ArrayList implementation - creating ArrayList of Integer
      35. Implementing Linked-List using java.util.LinkedList  
      36. Simple Calculator using GUI
      37. Small Paint application  
      38. Simple program to record Sound and Play them back in Java
                     SOME SIMPLE QUESTIONS IN JAVA
      1. Check for palindromic number.

      Learn C 
      1. Preprocessor Statements #ifdef, #else, #endif

      1. Blurry vision ACM ICPC Amritapuri online regional.
      2. Program to calculate massive numbers such as 2^3000
      3. Calculate factorial of massive numbers eg. factorial of 500 or even 3000.
      4. Determination of day of week through a simple C program
      5. ProjectEuler solution to problem number 45
      6. Lexicographic Sorting in C++
      7. Tower of Hanoi
      8. Find remainder through a C program in three different ways
      9. Conversion between different number system
      10. Find the size of data types in C without using the sizeof operator
      11. Determine how integers are stored in computer's memory through a simple C program
      12. Conversion of floating point numbers to their binary equivalent and vice-versa.
      13. Enter jumbled up alphabets and find all possible meaningful English words.
      14. Bubble Calculator-An interesting coding problem that represents real time solution.
      15. Find fractional power of a number without using any predefined function in C.(less efficient)
      16. Find fractional power of a number without using any predefined function in C (updated and efficient).
      17. Find Square Root of a number without using any predefined function in math.h
      18. Indian National Anthem - Music in C programming.
      19. Implementing Circular Primes in C and C++.
      20. Build a Dynamic Table using jsp.
      21. The first Fibonacci series term that can't be accommodated in the range of integers.

      1. Fibonacci series
      2. Divisors of a number
      3. Finding the roots of Quadratic Equation
      4. H.C.F. and L.C.M. through a simple C program
      5. Pascal's Triangle
      6. Find all the prime numbers within a given range
      7. Find reverse of a number
      8. Find the prime factors of a number  
      9. Sum of digits of a number
      10. Recursive program for calculating factorial of a number
      11. Calculating factorial of a number without any function call.
      12. Calculate factorial of massive numbers eg. factorial of 500.
      13. Swapping two integers.
      14. Adding n integers using array
      15. Pattern making in C.
      16. Find the sin and cos values without using predefined functions in math.h
      17. Find all the even numbers within a range using continue statement in Java
      18. Calculator using switch case control structure
      19. Finding greater of two integers inputted by the user.
      20. Convert lower case sentences into upper case using concept of ASCII codes. 
      21. Check whether a given string is palindrome or not (source code in java).
      22. Check whether a given number is palindrome or not (source code in java).
      23. Setting the elements of a particular row and column to zero

      1. Checking for Anagrams.
      2. Printing of permutations of a given string in lexicographic order using for loop.

      1. Servlets, basic programs to implement servlets.  
      2. My First Servlet - Sample Example 
      3. Simple Servlet that displays current Date and Time
      4. Basic Login fuctionality in servlet with static username and password
      5. Handling multiple fields from a form in Servlet  
      6. Displaying the value of request header in tabular form 
      7. Directing to some other website from your Servlet - Designing a simple search functionality with Google, Bing and Yahoo
      8. Using Basic JDBC in Servlets - Creating a Login/SignUp page  
      9. Allowing user to download data in excel sheet format in Servlets 


      SET # 1

      1. Determine the range and size of integers through programming.
      2. Internal representation of bit pattern of integers (posetive and negative).
      3. Internal representation of boolean datatypes.
      4. Operators allowed on pointers
      5. Date operations  
      6. Address calculation function of 1-D array
      7. Address calculation function for 2-D array  
      8. Internal ordering of struct data type in C.
      9. Concept of union in C  
      10. Internal representation of floating-point numbers. 

      SET # 2
      1. Reference variables vs. pointer variables 
      2. Pass by reference using reference variable and its side effects 
      3. Program which accepts an expression and evaluates it. 
      4. Static Scoping and Dynamic Scoping. 
      5. Some simple programs using recursion.   

      1. Project Euler Solution # 1
      2. Project Euler Solution # 2
      3. Project Euler Solution # 3
      4. Project Euler Solution # 4
      5. Project Euler Solution # 5
      6. Project Euler Solution # 6
      7. Project Euler Solution # 7
      8. Project Euler Solution # 8
      9. Project Euler Solution # 9
      10. Project Euler Solution # 10
      11. Project Euler Solution # 11
      12. Project Euler Solution # 12
      13. Project Euler Solution # 13
      14. Project Euler Solution # 18
      15. Project Euler Solution # 19
      16. Project Euler Solution # 22
      17. Project Euler Solution # 25
      18. Project Euler Solution # 28
      19. Project Euler Solution # 29 
      20. Project Euler Solution # 40
      21. Project Euler Solution # 41 
      22. Project Euler Solution # 43
      23. Project Euler Solution # 46 
      24. Project Euler Solution # 47
      25. Project Euler Solution # 50
      26. Project Euler Solution # 54
      27. Project Euler Solution # 55 
      28. Project Euler Solution # 57
      29. Project Euler Solution # 59
      30. Project Euler Solution # 60
      31. Project Euler Solution # 61
      32. Project Euler Solution # 62
      33. Project Euler Solution # 65 
      34. Project Euler Solution # 67
      35. Project Euler Solution # 69
      36. Project Euler Solution # 72
      37. Project Euler Solution # 73
      38. Project Euler Solution # 81
      39. Project Euler Solution # 82
      40. Project Euler Solution # 83
      41. Project Euler Solution # 89
      42. Project Euler Solution # 97 
      43. Project Euler Solution # 99 
      44. Project Euler Solution # 107
      45. Project Euler Solution # 146 
      46. Project Euler Solution # 165
      47. Project Euler Solution # 206
      1. Program for printing Hello World.
      2. Working with Strings.
      3. Inbuilt string manipulation functions.
      4. Constants
      5. Compound Assignment, increment and decrement operators. 
      6. Inbuilt Functions for numerical data types.
      7. Introducing Arrays, concept of heterogeneous arrays and Basic Array Functions
      8. Boolean data types and some basic functions
      9. Type casting and some type specifying functions
      10. if else statement
      11. Example illustrating use of switch case
      12. Loops - for loop, while loop, and foreach loop.
      13. continue and break statements
      14. Pointers for accessing arrays, and some functions.
      15. User defined functions.
      16. Functions that takes arguments.
      17. Returning multiple values from functions.
      18. Default arguments in a function.
      1. Illustration of onclick : HTML DOM Mouse Event

      1. A very quick summary of basic SQL queries.

      1. Assemblers
      2. Symbol table implementation using Linked List
      1. Internet Protocol Adderss
      1. Moving car
      2. Man walking in rain
      3. Weighing balance
      4. Rotating Line
      5. DDA Algorithm for drawing line
      6. Mid point algorithm for drawing circle 

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